Resilient Leadership Series

Exemplary Employee Experience

In order to achieve organizational results, you need an engaged, agile and productive team, working to their best capacity. Employees stay in their roles when they have strong and empathetic leaders, who listen, provide guidance and clarity, who make people feel valued and supported.

Having a leadership team that understands the value of well-being and resiliency from a personal level first, then as an organization, will ensure success for the long term. Leaders who support a culture of well-being and resiliency create an amazing employee experience.

Our four-part Resilient Leadership Series ‘primes your workforce’ to take better care of themselves, to support and coach their teams, and take on new challenges with a growth mindset. The series is designed to be the perfect combination of efficient time commitment and outcome-based learning.

After four 1-hour virtual webinars, each participant will own:

  • A new set of skills to increase energy, enhance physical, mental & emotional health and acquire new behaviours to enhance social connections and leadership capabilities
  • Personal Resiliency Plan* and a Leadership Action Plan* to guide them on their journey to greater resiliency
  • Manager’s Toolkit to sustain strong leadership qualities and create strong employee experience and resiliency across teams
  • The ability to identify and support Resiliency Champions within their team to continue building a culture of continuous learning and development, growth and innovation

Each team is unique. We will work with you to co-design the program to ensure it addresses your unique challenges and achieves the results you need.