Health Human Resource (HHR) Shortage

Co-designing Solutions with Credible ROI

2 day on-line Workshop


It's never been more important to invest in people strategies - to retain and engage valuable staff.

But how do you get the C-suite to invest in solutions?

By using a credible methodology to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI), isolate the effects of the program, measure impact, and communicate results.

Build Capability in ROI

2-day workshop - customized for Canadian healthcare executives, leaders and managers

Learn the Phillips ROI Methodology: a systematic process to prove value, impact, and ROI in healthcare programs and HHR improvement initiatives

Experience the full application of the ROI Process model - develop objectives, collect hard and soft data, isolate the effects of the program, convert data to monetary values, tabulate appropriate program costs, and calculate ROI

Use a sound methodology to brainstorm the most effective HHR solution, analyze tangible and intangible benefits, and effectively communicate options and recommendations to senior leaders

ROI Institute Canada and Raesoleil Consulting deliver high impact training, specifically designed to address the Health Human Resource (HHR) crisis.

Using a relevant case study you and your team will build capability to make smarter investments.

Identify solutions to retain staff, save $$, and build the healthcare organizations of the future.

What You Will Learn

Apply the ROI Methodology to a specific HHR challenge (case study) - that can be replicated in your organization

Use a sound framework for brainstorming to find the best solution(s) to have the greatest impact

Learn how to isolate the benefits of programs, projects and improvement initiatives

Discover how to translate both tangible and intangible benefits into monetary values

Learn how to calculate & communicate the ROI

Get detailed, first-hand experience with every step

Build Your Skills

Set objectives which reflect ultimate outcomes

Determine data collection timing and methods

Choose strategies to isolate the effects of programs

Calculate or estimate the value of an improvement

Analyze data/calculate the actual financial ROI

Build a concise business case to communicate solutions

Acquire sought-after skills to make you more credible and valuable to your organization

Build valuable competencies for your team

Your Facilitators


Suzanne Schell CRP

CEO, ROI Institute Canada

ROI Institute Canada is a leading provider in measurement, evaluation and ROI - enabling Canadian public and private organizations to prove the value and impact of programs, projects and improvement initiatives.


Raelynn Douglas, MBA

Founder, Raesoleil Consulting

Raesoleil Consulting delivers high impact training solutions to build resilient healthcare leaders, to create exemplary employee experiences, reduce churn and put more resources back into healthcare.



Measuring ROI in Healthcare

Book by Dr. Jack Phillips, world renowned developer of the ROI method.

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12-Step ROI Methodology

Guidebook by ROI Institute


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